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WonderCon & job interviews [22 Apr 2010|11:24pm]
Life as it is right now? Pretty good overall. I just got turned down for a job today, I was one of the final two applicants, so it was a close finish, apparently. The interviewer/potential boss said:

I appreciated so much your interest in the job here at Covenant Network. I enjoyed both our conversations very much and have the sense that I would indeed enjoy working with you. However, I have offered the job to another candidate and he has accepted.

You are an impressive candidate and I will certainly send you any openings I hear of that might be of interest to you. Every good wish in your continued search for employment (and congratulations on your forthcoming marriage!)

The blow was softened by the fact that earlier in the day, the Public Library of Science contacted me to set up and interview for next Monday. So, the job front is kind of a wash at the moment, but I'm optimistic.

Further news, mostly comics related, and pictures!Collapse )
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Finally [07 Apr 2010|10:21am]
So, I have a couple of interviews this week- today is just a temp agency, going in to see about some data entry work. Tomorrow is with the Covenant Network of Presbyterians for an administrative assistant -esque position, except that I'd be dealing with the programs/events/etc. that help make the church LGBT-friendly. I think the church folks are impressed by my experience at the GLBTSSS.

Even better, though, is that IU buddy Stacy is giving me an in to apply at her work, the Public Library of Science. It isn't a library at all, but a nonprofit that produces open access medical and science journals. The job is a publications assistant, nothing glamorous, but it's working for a good company in the academic publication field, and the benefits are pretty great, too.

So, maybe a job of some sort finally?
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Alive? [12 Mar 2010|11:12am]
So, I am ~1.5 weeks behind on LJ. You all have written some long, important entries in that time. I'll be reading them soon. Unfortunately, today is to be spent going to the grocery store, cleaning house, making crock pot macaroni and cheese and Rick Bayless's "Creamy Enchiladas with Chicken, Tomatoes and Green Chile (Enchiladas Suizas)." I am undecided about the chicken. I'm making at least half the batch with a zucchini/onion/cheese stuffing, and may just do the whole dish like that, for simplicity's sake.

So, yes, I am finally getting around to having a birthday party of sorts (a week and a half after my b-day). Just a simple dinner party, because honestly, I like to cook, and I'd like to celebrate by cooking for people whose company I enjoy.

As everyone probably knows, I did not get the Holy Names job, despite them being quite impressed with me. This is a particularly difficult defeat for a laundry list of reasons, most of which are recurring themes at this point. I'm moving on with the job hunt, though, and finding that on the days when Budeprion isn't cutting it, 5HTP can step things up a bit.
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more jobs [31 Jan 2010|10:21pm]
Just applied for two positions, one at Holy Names University over in Oakland, the other at the EPA. HNU job is advertised as an MLIS-path position, intended for people who are in (or want to go to) library school currently, since they can't afford to pay a professional librarian salary. I don't have any professional experience, and nobody is hiring at entry-level, so I put in anyhow, explaining that I only just graduated and don't yet have professional experience, so can't expect the consideration of a professional MLS holder. It looks like an interesting enough position, and they included a very frank description of working at their library, which I appreciated. The EPA job is all records management, which is not my alley, but it's a full-time, full benefits position that only requires an MLS and some technical experience, so I fluffed my cover letter and sent it in.

Can I just say that one of the best resources for a job-hunting librarian is ODLIS (Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science)? Many job postings are 100% jargon, and even if you're familiar with the field, it's sometimes difficult to understand what some of the job duties are. It is often the only thing that makes the difference of "I don't know what this job is" and "I've already done this job before."

I finally spoke with (former boss) Erika about my afloat-without-a-sail situation and she provided me with some ideas for research I can be doing as well as some possible contacts at Stanford and Berkeley. Neither place has had any jobs recently (or is likely to anytime soon), but I could possibly score a tour of the collections and have some networking and name recognition there in case any jobs do come along.

This is the good news for now.
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What you might have missed [04 Jan 2010|11:21pm]
Computer! I broke it. It is currently so heavily laden with malware that I can't get Spybot and the like to even run. I'm currently in safe mode trying to repair it. I've been so good about this stuff for years, but it only takes one slip up, really.

Games! Natalie and I got all sorts of frustrating video games over the holiday. Cooking Mama Cook Off gives vague, occasionally bizarre instructions and then follows it up with controls that oftentimes seem to be taunting the player. Meanwhile, RE4: Wii Edition is reminding me why I had not played the Resident Evil franchise in so long. So damn difficult. You can't slip up at all. Ah well, I will master it yet. Nat is currently working through Katamari Damacy, which is frustrating, but hopefully also fun.

Jorbs! No luck with finding a job yet, but I'm going to email some libraries to volunteer with tonight (email them tonight, not volunteer tonight). Additionally, I think I'm going to go with the adage to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I've been dressing for the job I have (i.e., unemployed), which is to say that I sit around in a hoodie and some yoga pants most days, and sometimes I'll fix my hair or shave. I think that at least putting on a nice shirt or even a tie on some days would help to boost my confidence while on the job hunt, even if it just means sitting at the computer in my tie. I always feel more at home dressed up, and it'll have to do, since I can't dye my hair. cease_to_begin helped me rewrite my resume, and I'm looking forward to my first chance of using that.

Family! Holidays reaffirmed my intense enjoyment of being around my sister, and my love for Natalie's family, and my general ambivalence about Dad's side of the family.

New Year's! For the third year in a row, we attended the Flaming Lips' New Year's Freak Out, and it reminded me that seeing Flaming Lips live just fills me up with a joy that few other things can. It's hard not to leave such an event without an enormous sense of optimism and hope.
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Uncorrected Proofs: The Depression [10 Dec 2009|12:46pm]
New comic! My first dive in to the all-digital realm. Natalie bought me a pen tablet for the laptop, and I've been taking it for a spin. This is my first comic to be produced entirely from layers of digital work, rather than traditional pencils and inks scanned into the computer and then colored digitally.

Under cut for sizeCollapse )
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Uncorrected Proofs #11: In Which I Complicate Things [23 Oct 2009|06:21pm]

Natalie was talking with me about how she was trying to keep her stress to a minimum, but I was clearly not helping in that department. I interjected with "I'm a stress vending machine." She immediately requested a cartoon of this. Later, I showed her the pencil sketch for this comic and she had no recollection of the conversation whatsoever.

I'll try to remember to post the original thumbnail design that I brainstormed. It's pretty much the same, but Natalie's expression is hilarious.

Spend your dollars wisely!
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Writer's Block: Life is a masquerade [02 Oct 2009|08:03pm]
Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? How long do you typically plan your costume? Do you keep it a secret?

As many of you know, I'm sort of known for my Halloween costumes. I also tend to have them planned out far ahead of time. This year I still don't have any ideas, mainly because I've been too busy to really think about Halloween. And that means I've been very busy.

I've got some leftover costumes from years past: nurse, boy scout, Dr. Gregory House, half of my French maid costume... I just don't have anything planned out yet. I also don't have any plans for Halloween itself. I know it's a big deal out here in SF, but Haven't seen any party invites yet.
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Uncorrected Proofs #10: In Which We Establish Setting [21 Sep 2009|05:13pm]

Living under a giant communications tower does have its benefits. While we can't say we live in the Castro, Inner Sunset or Cole Valley or any other neighborhood surrounding us, we can point up to Sutro Tower on the highest hill in the city and say "We live over there."

Still having fun with colors. I spent way too long on this one as far as the computer goes, so there's no shading, just flat colors, but I still like it. One of these days I really do need to get a tablet, it will make the whole process so much easier. Specifically, it will make my inking and layers system like 10x easier.
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The most NSFW of NSFWs [20 Sep 2009|12:36am]
Natalie got this from Violet Blue, but damn. This is just too entertaining not to share. Apparently Rammstein released a new single off their latest album, entitled "Pussy," and the video is so explicit that rather than being posted on youtube or the like, it's airing on one of the many, many porny youtube clones, visit-x.net. You can watch the wildly entertaining video here. It features full-on hardcore pornography in proof positive that sexy and funny are not mutually exclusive.

I've always known Rammstein to have a great dry sense of humor and never shying away from showing some skin and doing things on stage in Germany that never made it into the states, but this video--and this song--lord, you guys. It's too good.

I would also invite you to go watch the video for Shakira's new song. Partly because I am totally entertained by it and it keeps getting stuck in my head, but mostly because it features some of the most unorthodox yet still appealing dancing that I've seen in a long while.

Okay, so I totally have a man-crush on Till Lindemann. 18 years is an acceptable age difference, yeah? <edit > My late night math has failed me. He's 21 years older than I am.</edit>
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Last night a webcomic saved my life with a song [17 Sep 2009|10:40pm]
I read a lot of webcomics. I mean it. At any given time I'm reading upwards of 30 regularly, with more that I forget about for months at a time and then go back through the archives. Here's a list of what I'm keeping up with currently, and why. There's no particular order to the list. At some point, I got into the habit of reading them in this order, and I keep it up so that I don't forget any.

Laundry listCollapse )

Like I said, there are always some that I forget, and even now some of them come to mind. If you ever want to read some comics, let me know and I can give reader recommendations for days and days.
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Tales of shopping [16 Sep 2009|09:09pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Life in the city is pretty good. Yesterday Natalie and I went to Good Will, Thrift Town, and Good Vibrations [NSFW]. I'll be courteous and withhold pictures of what I picked up at Good Vibrations, but you need to see what I found at Thrift Town. When I picked it off the "uniforms" shelf, I knew something was awry. The top definitely seemed uniform-like, but the second piece was shorts. Short shorts. It struck me that I'd seen Sean Connery wear things like this in the Bond movies, but couldn't figure it out until Natalie identified it. This is a swim set from the 1960s. A nice low-cut button-down shirt and shorts that sit above your navel and rise way more than halfway up your thighs.

Natalie managed to find a picture of what I'm talking about, and also took pictures of my awesome find.

Pictures!Collapse )

Now I just have to find something to do with this treasure.

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Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt [15 Sep 2009|12:25pm]
What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?

Not drinking yourself to death.

Honestly, I think the hardest part of looking for a job is trying to motivate yourself to do anything else. I've got all this free time on my hands since I'm unemployed, but I feel as though I never want to do anything.
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job hunting [27 Aug 2009|09:14pm]
I've put in a number of applications all over the city, but thought I'd take the time here to list some of the... stranger positions to which I've applied. Now, of course, I've put in for library positions all over, including some military jobs across the US (the federal government pays its librarians shockingly well).

Publicity Coordinator - Dark Horse Publishing (thanks to we_are_pliable )
Office helper - private residence (natbrat found on Craigslist)
Data Entry/User Services Team - Yelp

Dark Horse is based in Milwaukie, OR, but other than that, most of the jobs I've put in for are in the Bay Area. Of course, all the federal jobs are much further east (Ohio, Kansas, Georgia [yes, , Georgia!]). Of course, all this is still just a big waiting game.

DARK HORSE, you guys. I drafted an awfully impressive cover letter laying out my qualifications, even if I don't have any marketing or publicity experience. Admittedly, I'd be far up in Oregon, but I would get to work for the company that produces Hellboy and The Goon. Even at that, it's not my first choice job, of course.
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Uncorrected Proofs #9: Nerrrrrrrrrrd [25 Aug 2009|08:40pm]

I don't think anyone has mistaken me for the burly farmer type. I don't think anyone has mistaken me for any burly type. I'm really enjoying the monochromatic schemes. I think I'm going to keep them. More to come!
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Uncorrected Proofs #8: In Which We Make a Reference [19 Aug 2009|07:48pm]

Liz, or we_are_pliable, recently got a job as a baker in the kitchen of her local Earth Fare, and essentially wrote this strip for me when she messaged me saying "MY NEW JOB WORKING FOR HIPPIES HAS A 401(K). MY LIFE IS A CAT AND GIRL STRIP"

If you're unfamiliar with Cat and Girl, I suggest you go and read it here.

I'm getting a little better at this comic strip stuff, I think. I'm still trying to nail down a simple, repeatable style, and there are plenty of tools I still want to learn to use, but it's starting to feel a little more natural. The second panel was originally going to have a little more dialog, but in the end, the joke really sells itself. I do need to get better with confining my panels. Instinctively, I avoid it, but I realize that once I start working, things get sloppy without defined borders.
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Life by the Bay [05 Aug 2009|06:50pm]
We are settling into San Francisco life pretty well. Yesterday we braved the shuttle system that circulates through Natalie's campuses (campi?). It was quick and easy, and we even met one of the administrators/instructors of her program after negotiating our way past the security guards without any form of ID. We walked home with the assistance of our GPS, and decided it was far more preferable to take the shuttle. What a hike. We declared it bullshit, and won't be doing it again.

Today, we attempted the MUNI system, following the path she'll need to take to her conference this weekend. The bus was easy enough, but what was really nice was the subway. I can't explain it, but there is something about subways that is both familiar and comfortable. Riding the train made me feel more at home in San Francisco than anything else yet. It's starting to feel less and less like I'm on vacation. That said, downtown San Francisco is surprisingly similar to NYC.

We walked up the hill from the subway station back to our house, which was a much nicer walk than our return yesterday, though Natalie had some intercostal problems. We decided to take the car to a nearby SF Public Library branch to get our library cards. I picked up the first Artemis Fowl book, so I can continue to determine if Colfer has what it takes to finish up the Hitchhiker's series. I also got The Lirbary: An Illustrated History, mostly because Nicholas A. Basbanes wrote the foreword.

Oh hey, also- guess what's based in San Francisco? That's right, No Fauxxx.

Okay, I'm gonna go watch The Muppet Show.
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real update soon, but first, a MEME [05 Aug 2009|09:00am]
Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

I'm generally not one to go for the do this and pass it on sort of thing, but I find this to be an interesting game. As a reward for putting up with this, you'll get a real update from me soon.
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O, hai [31 Jul 2009|06:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This is my building:

This is what I see when I walk out the front door:

Heaven, I'm in heaven...

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Voodoo, too. [23 Jul 2009|12:44am]
Goin' out West has become a consistent theme in my talks about the move to San Francisco. It's been among my favorite Tom Waits songs ever since I first heard his music, partly for its intensity, its absurdity, but mostly for the character Waits creates in the song's narrator.

Like most music, you tend to cling to the first rendition you hear. Whether this is a remake of an older song, or one band's earlier album over the later, more popular ones. In my case, I first heard Goin' out West in the version Waits performed on the Arsenio Hall Show, with a slightly different pace, heavier guitar, slightly-off rhythm and subtle changes in intonation. That is, as subtle as anything Tom Waits ever does can be. I've always preferred this performance.

There's some money out there; they're giving it away.
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